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Technical Specification

Rising Film Evaporator

  • High heat transfer rate and fouling resistance
  • Suitable for heat-sensitive products
  • Low residence times and produces less waste
  • Can operate under reasonable vacuum
  • Efficient separation and concentration of liquids.
  • More efficient separation and concentration
  • Less energy and requires less maintenance
  • High efficiency and short processing time
  • Quality products with minimal thermal degradation


Product Overview


A rising film evaporator is a type of evaporator used in industrial processes for the concentration or evaporation of liquids. It operates by allowing the liquid to flow as a thin film upwards along the inner surface of vertical tubes, while a heating medium, such as steam or hot water, is applied to the outer surface of the tubes.

The liquid to be evaporated is fed into the bottom of the rising film evaporator, and it enters the tubes, where it forms a thin film that rises due to the buoyancy created by the vapor generated from the heating medium. As the liquid film ascends, it gets heated by the heating medium on the outer surface of the tubes, causing the water or solvent to evaporate and leaving behind the concentrated liquid. The vapor generated is collected at the top of the evaporator and condensed back into a liquid, which is then removed from the system. The concentrated liquid or product is collected separately.

Rising film evaporators are known for their efficient operation, high evaporation rates, and ability to handle heat-sensitive materials. The vertical configuration of the evaporator allows for compact design and easy scaling up or down to accommodate different production capacities. The thin film formed on the inner surface of the tubes provides a large surface area for heat transfer, allowing for fast evaporation with minimal residence time, which is beneficial for heat-sensitive liquids.

Rising film evaporators are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, dairy, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals for processes such as concentration, desalination, or solvent recovery. However, careful control of operating parameters such as liquid flow rate, temperature, and pressure is important to optimize performance, prevent issues such as fouling or excessive pressure drop, and ensure efficient and safe operation.

Safe Design

Design is the safest way to update values. This is due to highest specification.

High Operating Efficiency

Shell side baffles enabled a high level of operational efficiency while also allowing for manageable reductions in fluid pressure.

The Next Generation of Evaporators

A highly experienced team of mechanical, process, and thermal design experts collaborated to optimise each and every aspect of Evaporators designs for the next generation design.



Desalination Industry

Desalination Industry

Rising film evaporators are used for concentration and desalination of seawater or brackish water in the desalination industry. They are commonly used for producing freshwater by removing water from saline water sources, such as seawater, to meet the growing demand for freshwater in water-scarce regions.

Pulp and Paper industry

Pulp and Paper Industry

Rising film evaporators are used for concentration of black liquor in the pulp and paper industry. They are commonly used for recovering and concentrating valuable chemicals from black liquor, such as lignin, hemicellulose, and inorganic compounds, for further processing or reuse.

Chemical Industry HD new

Chemical Industry

Rising film evaporators are used for concentration and purification of various chemicals, such as acids, solvents, polymers, and specialty chemicals. They are also used for recovering valuable solvents from process streams and for concentrating chemical solutions to achieve desired product specifications.

Dairy Industry HD

Dairy Industry

Rising film evaporators are used for concentration of milk and dairy products, such as whey, cream, and lactose. They are commonly used for removing water from dairy products to increase their shelf life, improve their stability, and reduce transportation costs.

Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable Energy Industry

Rising film evaporators are used for concentration and purification of bio-based feedstocks and products in the renewable energy industry. They are commonly used for removing water from biofuels, bio-oils, and bio-based chemicals to improve their properties, reduce transportation costs, and increase their energy content.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Rising film evaporators are used for concentration and purification of pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). They are commonly used for removing solvents from pharmaceutical formulations, concentrating drug solutions, and producing dry powders or granules for further processing.


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