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Salt Recovery Evaporation

  • High performance and Low Operating Cost
  • Manage and treat Water and brine solutions
  • Less maintenance and Cost effective
  • Designed to suit specific requirements
  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • Reduce the environmental impact
  • Effective removal and Long service life
  • Reduce waste and generating potential revenue
  • Designed to produce high-quality salt


Product Overview


A salt recovery evaporator is a type of evaporator used in industrial processes for the recovery of salt from salt-containing solutions or brines. It operates by using heat to evaporate the water or solvent from the solution, leaving behind the concentrated salt, which can then be collected and further processed or sold.

The salt recovery evaporator typically consists of a heat source, such as a steam or hot water jacket, and a vessel or series of vessels where the solution or brine is introduced. The heat is applied to the vessel, causing the water or solvent to evaporate, and the salt to concentrate in the remaining liquid. The vapor generated is collected and condensed back into a liquid, which is then removed from the system. The concentrated salt solution is collected and processed further, such as through crystallization or drying, to produce the final salt product.

Salt recovery evaporators are commonly used in industries such as mining, chemical processing, and wastewater treatment, where large volumes of salt-containing solutions need to be processed. They are known for their ability to efficiently concentrate salt from solutions, allowing for the recovery of valuable salt resources and reducing waste. The design and operation of salt recovery evaporators may vary depending on the specific requirements of the process, such as the type of salt, concentration levels, and environmental considerations.

Careful control of operating parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and flow rates, is critical to optimize the performance of a salt recovery evaporator and ensure efficient salt recovery. Additionally, proper maintenance and cleaning are important to prevent issues such as fouling or scaling, which can affect the evaporator’s performance and lifespan.

Safe Design

Design is the safest way to update values. This is due to highest specification.

High Operating Efficiency

Shell side baffles enabled a high level of operational efficiency while also allowing for manageable reductions in fluid pressure.

The Next Generation of Evaporators

A highly experienced team of mechanical, process, and thermal design experts collaborated to optimise each and every aspect of Evaporators designs for the next generation design.



Salt_Mining_and_Processing_Industry HD

Salt Mining and Processing Industry

Salt recovery evaporators are used in salt mines and salt processing plants to recover salt from brine extracted from underground salt deposits or obtained from saltwater sources. These evaporators concentrate the brine through evaporation, 

Desalination_Industry HD

Desalination Industry

Salt recovery evaporators are used in the desalination industry to concentrate and recover salt from brine streams generated during the desalination process. Also used to used to concentrate the brine remaining after freshwater production.

Textile_Industry-transformed HD1

Textile Industry

Salt recovery evaporators are used in the textile industry for the recovery of salt from dyeing and finishing processes. Salt is often used as a dye carrier or fixing agent in textile dyeing and finishing, concentrate the brine through evaporation, 

Food_and_Beverage_Industry HD1

Food and Beverage Industry

Salt recovery evaporators can be used in the food and beverage industry for the recovery of salt from brine generated during food processing, such as meat curing, cheese production, and reducing salt usage and improving sustainability.

Mining_and_Oil_Extraction_Industry HD

Mining and Oil Extraction Industry

Salt recovery evaporators can be used in the mining and oil extraction industry for the recovery of salt from brine generated during mining operations, such as solution mining of salt deposits or oil extraction processes that involve brine production.

Water_Treatment_Industry HD

Water Treatment Industry

Salt recovery evaporators can be used in the water treatment industry for the recovery of salt from brine generated during water softening or other water treatment processes. These evaporators can concentrate the brine and recover the salt.


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