MPD Choke Control Panel

Compact, Stand alone
Remote Wall Mount
Certified to API 16C
Suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2
DNV & ABS certified
316 SS Internal Hard Tubing

PLC based design
Auto Monitoring System
Hydraulic Operated system, manual backup
Data logging as standard

Choke Control and Monitoring System

  • Emergency Operation Provisions
  • Optional Nitrogen Connection
  • Emergency Hand Pump
  • Gauge- Choke Pressure
  • Gauge- Stand Pipe Pressure
  • Choke Position Indicator
  • Primary and Back Up Pump
  • Accumulator
  • Increase Choke Speed
  • Smooth Choke Operation
  • Emergency Power Source
  • Choke Speed Control

Features & Benefits

Our MPD choke Control Panel designed meet requirement for for managed pressure drilling (MPD) operation, manufactured in complaince with API 16C, controls and monitor balanced/underbalanced drilling Standpipe and Choke pressure suitable for both landrig and offshore drilling.

MPD Choke Panel available in two options, manual and automatic, manual MPD choke Panel are traditional Choke Panel require regular intervention. Automatic MPD choke Panel operate based on input set point pressure against Coriolis flow meter and our PLC controls the auto Choke which in turn controls the fine incremental flow control adjustments that way persistent annulus surface’s back-pressure during all MPD applications or underbalanced drilling operations.

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