Mobile MPD Equipment package available mounted on trailer includes distribution manifold, choke manifold, high rate mud gas separator, choke control system and Coriolis manifold. The unit can be customized to include dual flow lines, dual chokes, dual Coriolis meters and dual junk catchers necessary to manage the surface backpressure in MPD and UBD operations.

“Fully mobile, plug and play!”

Kapwell Trailer Mounted MPD Equipment Set

Choke manifold customized to include dual flow lines, dual chokes, necessary to manage the surface backpressure in MPD and UBD operations. The choke manifold consists of Type B gate valves, API certified hydraulic chokes and adjustable chokes. The choke manifold sees very rugged service during the well kill procedure. Choke manifolds throttles mud, sand and gas as they leave the well.

Together with choke manifold, Coriolis mass flow meter.is installed to measure gas-flow velocity, temperature, and pressure to determine actual and standard volumetric flow as well as mass flow rates.

MPD Choke Panel available in manual MPD choke Panel are traditional Choke Panel require regular intervention. Automatic MPD choke Panel operate based on input set point pressure against Coriolis flow meter and our PLC controls the auto Choke which in turn controls the fine incremental flow control adjustments that way persistent annulus surface’s back-pressure during all MPD applications or underbalanced drilling operations

Industry proven MPD software (third party) integrated to Kapwell MPD Equipment package provides a range of control options—automatic, semiautomatic, and manual.

The Liquid Seal Monitoring System is an instrumentation system mitigates the risk of liquid seal loss during well control operations. The Liquid Seal Monitoring System includes; Pressure and temperature sensors/transmitters kit to be installed on MGS PLC enclosure (mounted separately) Liquid seal display panel with alarms and pressure differential readouts.

Our MPD equipment suitable to work with automated Rotating Control device (RCD) offering automated control and safety in diverting well returns to a surface separation system during managed pressure and underbalanced drilling applications.

High rate Mud Gas Separator specially designed for MPD operation, handles a high rate and high proportion of mud solids and sour gas.

While drilling with an underbalanced mud column operation may experience hydrate plugging as a result of gas expansion through the choke. The liquid seal ensures that separated gas vents safely without breaking through to the mud tanks.

Trailer Mounted Mobile MPD Equipment Package

  • Trailer approved to use in the GCC countries
  • Smart MPD Equipment System
  • “High Rate” Mud Gas Separator, Skid Mounted (40’x 10’)
  • Smart MPD Package, LIVE FEED, Proven Certified Software
  • DNV Certified approved equipment
  • ATEX Zone 1 equipment, CE marked
  • GOST Certificate and Passport
  • Rated to 5000 psi (34.5 MPa)
  • Controlled locally or via a remote panel
  • Winterized unit
  • Equipped with Pressure Relief Valves
  • Minimal footprint
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