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Technical Specification

Inline DeWaterer

  • Protection from erosion
  • Continuous or intermittent discharge
  • Online dewatering
  • Automated system (optional)
  • Sand Monitoring System
  • High Efficiency Removal
  • No moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • High Grade-Alumina Ceramic liners
  • Less maintenance and OPEX
  • Minimize fluid turbulence
  • Standalone equipment

Accreditation vs Certification

Product Overview

Kapwell offers years of experience in improving and advancing seperator equipment design to make them more reliable, with modern technologies that perform in all climates and are cost effective. Our equipment are UKCA / CE marked and ATEX certified, and complies with latest applicable ASME, API, DNV, and ABS standards.

Kapwell Hydrocylones are capable of achieving effective solids separation while minimising pressure drop thanks to their design that was developed to accommodate the demanding circumstances of the upstream process. In order to achieve maximum efficacy, the differential pressures and flow rates of the system are used to establish the optimal number of functioning Hydrocyclone liners. The choice of hydrocyclone, both in terms of size and type, is determined by the following factors:

Features & Benefits

  • ATEX Zone 1
  • DNV or Bureau Veritas- Certification
  • Design to API & ASME
  • Meets PED/EU regulatory
  • Offshore environment design
  • Fits to smallest footprint
  • Reduce maintenance and service
  • Suitable for HP/HT applications
Oil and Gas Production


Pulp and Paper industry

Pulp and Paper Industry

Inline dewaterers remove water from pulp in paper-making, enhancing production efficiency and paper quality. By reducing water content, they achieve the desired consistency and strength of the paper. This process lowers energy consumption and reduces drying times. It also ensures a smoother, more efficient production line, resulting in high-quality paper products.

Water_Treatment_Industry HD

Wastewater Treatment

In wastewater treatment plants, inline dewaterers reduce the water content in sludge, making it easier and more cost-effective to handle and dispose of. This process enhances the overall efficiency and environmental compliance of the treatment facilities. Dewatering prepares the sludge for further processing, such as digestion or incineration. Efficient water removal also minimizes transportation and disposal costs.

Chemical Storage

Chemical Processing

In chemical and pharmaceutical industries, inline dewaterers remove water from slurry mixtures, ensuring the right concentration and consistency of active ingredients. This improves product quality, enhances process efficiency, and reduces drying times, supporting the production of high-quality products.


Food Processing

In food processing, inline dewaterers remove excess water from fruits, vegetables, meat, and poultry. This ensures proper texture, weight, and consistency for packaging, improving product quality and shelf life. Reduced moisture content helps in preventing spoilage and enhances food safety. Additionally, these systems decrease drying times and energy consumption, boosting operational efficiency.

Mining and Mineral Processing


Inline dewaterers in mining separate water from ore concentrates and tailings, enhancing mineral concentration and reducing waste volume. This improves processing efficiency and facilitates safer, more sustainable tailings management. Effective dewatering minimizes the environmental impact of mining operations. Reduced water content in tailings also lowers storage and handling costs.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas

Inline dewaterers are employed in the oil and gas industry to separate water from crude oil and natural gas. This separation process is crucial for meeting quality standards and preventing corrosion in pipelines and equipment. By efficiently dewatering oil and gas, these systems help enhance product quality and operational safety.


From arctic conditions, desserts, remote locations to harsh offshore facilities and aggressive desert environments, Kapwell provides world-class products and services. For more information contact our sales representative.

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