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Technical Specification

Multi Vane Inlet Distributor

  • H2S & CO2 Service 
  • High Volum Surface Gas Handling
  • Design Temperature: -40 ºC  to 125 ºC
  • Design Standards/Codes API 12J & ASME Section VIII Div. 1


Product Overview

The Kapwell multiple vane inlet distributor (MVID) is utilised in horizontal and vertical separators when efficient flow distribution with little shear and pressure loss is required. MVID is suitable for both end and top entry through an elbow directed toward the head in horizontal vessels. MVID provides several advantages over simpler deflectors, including reduced agitation and improved two- and three-phase operational performance. Additionally, there are benefits to having a more stable level management system and less foaming.

The MVID segmented the incoming flow via an array of curved vanes that are adjusted to the overall form of the intake nozzle and distributor length. To achieve this look, the vanes begin with a wide spacing and gradually narrow it, resulting in the unit’s distinctive tapering appearance. MVID is typically constructed of NACE-certified or stainless steel and is meant to be installed in sections through a vessel manway before being incorporated inside the vessel.

Features & Benefits

  • Ex equipment design & manufacturing
  • Compact Size
  • Visual and/or audible Indicators
  • Complaince with API Standards
  • CE marked


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