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Technical Specification

Vane (Chevron) Mist Eliminator

  • H2S & CO2 HPHT Service 
  • Design Duty to 100 barg (Min)
  • Design Temperature: -40 ºC  to 125 ºC
  • Design Standards/Codes API 12J & ASME Section VIII Div. 1


Product Overview

Vane (chevron) mist eliminators are frequently employed for the separation of liquid droplets from a gas stream when the liquid droplets are 8 microns or bigger in size. It is made up of a number of zig-zag chevron blades that are spaced at specific intervals. The blade profile can be smooth (for non-fouling services), , however the hook blade can provide increased removal efficiency and capacity.

Vane (chevron) mist eliminator remove the liquid droplet when the gas stream passes through the vane demister pad and changes direction, the liquid droplets are unable to change direction as quickly as the gas stream due to their momentum, and as a result, they impact on the chevron blades where they coalesce and form larger droplets which then drain away.

In the same settings where small solid particles are present, vane demister pads are a better alternative for liquid and gas separators than wire mesh demister pads.

They are ideal in applications involving high vapour velocities, low available pressure drop, viscous or foamy liquids, particles lodging or caking, slugs of liquid, or abrupt upsets.

Features & Benefits

  • Ex equipment design & manufacturing
  • Compact Size
  • Complaince with API Standards
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