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Three Phase Separator

  • Max Mud Return Flow up to 3500 GPM
  • Fast Gas busting technology 
  • Design Duty to 15 barg (Min)
  • Pressure Rating (minimum): Full Vacuum
  • Pressure Rating Operating: 0.4 to 85 barg
  • Minimum Design Temperature: -20 ºC
  • Maximum Design Temperature: 75 ºC
  • Mud Density from 1900-2200Kg /m3
  • Gas Processing Rate 1,400- 2,500 ft3/min
  • Area Classification Zone 1 ATEX CE Marked



Kapwell Three Phase Separator is design, manufactured and tested to the requirements below;

offshore Oil & Gas


In the landscape of industrial processes, the Three-Phase Separator assumes a pivotal role by facilitating the efficient separation of oil, water, and gas in various applications. This technology stands as a critical component in optimizing production processes, ensuring precise segregation of the three elements. Widely employed in industries such as oil and gas extraction, refining, and manufacturing, the Three-Phase Separator contributes significantly to streamlined operations, improved efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and adherence to regulatory standards. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for diverse industrial applications, exemplifying a commitment to cutting-edge technology and excellence in operations.

         Kapwell Ltd, understands the prime importance of this technology in optimizing production processes. The Three-Phase Separator serves as a linchpin in ensuring the precise segregation of these three components, allowing for streamlined operations and resource management. Its application spans across oil and gas extraction, refining, and various manufacturing processes, contributing significantly to enhanced efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and adherence to stringent quality and regulatory standards. Kapwell’s commitment to innovative technology is exemplified in its utilization of advanced Three-Phase Separators, underscoring the company’s dedication to excellence in industrial operations.

Our technology offers the highest level of safety during mud and gas processing.

Kapwell certified Mud Gas Separator can handle a high proportion of mud solids and may experience hydrate plugging as a result of gas expansion through the choke. The liquid seal ensures that separated gas vents safely without breaking through to the mud tanks. The design of our Mud Gas Separator is based on client specification or ABS CDS requirement or conventional process practice and latest notices and publications.

You are in safe hands!

Today’s market calls for cost-effective equipment with high reliability. Our equipment is cost-effective yet high quality designed by an expert in the industry.

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From arctic conditions, desserts, remote locations to harsh offshore facilities and aggressive desert environments, Kapwell provides world-class products and services. For more information contact our sales representative.

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