• Patent Pending
  • DNV Certified Shale Mud Gas Separator
  • Design Duty to 15 barg (Min)
  • Pressure Rating (minimum): Full Vacuum
  • Pressure Rating Operating: 0.4 to 2 barg
  • Minimum Design Temperature: -20 ºC
  • Maximum Design Temperature: 75 ºC
  • H2S Service NACE MR-01-75
  • Max Return Flow  up to 2000 GPM
  • Gas Processing Rate up to 2,500 ft3/min
  • Area Classification Zone 1 ATEX CE Marked
  • Design Standards/Codes ASME Section VIII Div. 1

Shale Gas Separator

The Shale-Mud-Gas Separator handles a high proportion of cuttings solids while used to free gas from shale cuttings and wellbore fluids. The Shale-Gas Separator is an atmospheric separator; however, it is designed as a pressure vessel in the event that the Shale-Gas Separator and the gas vent line could be blocked by dust/cuttings or liquid. During operation, shale gas cut well fluid from enters the MGS tangentially on the doubling plates at the upper level of the vessel. Doubling plates are installed to avoid erosion of the vessel shell. The fluid is taken across several internal cutting separation technology baffle plates on its way down to the bottom. The dispersion of the gas cut fluid will facilitate separation of gas and cuttings/liquid. The relieved gas will evacuate the Shale-Gas Separator through the top vent line and the cuttings will exit through the bottom nozzle via special design avoiding gas to escape through the bottom line. The separator is fitted with temperature and pressure transmitters for monitoring purpose. The separator internals can be inspected through the manway(s) included on the vessel.

The capacity of the Shale-Gas Separator depends on the drilling parameters and installation layout design. If the capacity is exceeded gas may blow straight through the vessel at the bottom, where there may be potential for explosion and fire. It is essential to verify that the system is capable of handling the maximum amount of cuttings/fluid and gas that could be produced by the well. Kapwell can offer a complete package shale gas separator including cuttings/dust removal systems. We can supply either vertical or horizontal Shale-Gas Separator.

Features & Benefits

  • Ex equipment design & manufacturing
  • Compact Size
  • Visual and/or audible Indicators
  • Customize alarm settings
  • Complaince with API Standards
  • CE marked
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