Engineering, Design & Development

Kapwell provides a comprehensive selection of fully customisable design services to assist you with your Separator project. We can assist you with anything from merely determining the feasibility of an idea to fully thorough design of a Separator-based, turnkey solution.

Kapwell provides a number of services to assist you with your Separator projects. Initial feasibility and HAZOP investigations are carried out, followed by Separator performance testing.

Each design study can take full benefit of our considerable knowledge across a number of specialty departments, including Process Design, Mechanical Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Research & Development.

Kapwell works directly with original equipment manufacturers, operators, and end-users, as well as in support of EPCs and other design and engineering firms. Design services can be provided as either fixed-price contracts or as an hourly charge based on recorded Engineering time.

CFD Analysis

Many of our projects begin with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, which allows us to validate the process before moving forward to final manufacturing.

Research & Development

Over a quarter of the company’s resources are devoted to R&D to ensure that our services and cutting-edge seperation technology continue to grow and evolve over time.

Seperator Sizing Verification

Kapwell provides bespoke design services across process , structural and mechanical disciplines to ensure your project gets off to a strong start.


Separator Troubleshooting

Kapwell provides a service to evaluate operating difficulties and provide solutions for all types of separator systems, even if they were supplied by a third party manufacturer.


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