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Kapwell® is a specialist a UK based company offering Equipment for Managed Pressure Drilling and related design engineering services to the Oil & Gas industry globally.

Kapwell® is registered in Scotland, Company Number. 610660 https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC610660

Kapwell Ltd and its logo has registered with UK Intellectual Property Office, Trade Mark No. UK00003376064 www.ipo.gov.uk

Kapwell® guarantees high quality for each and every package. If required, we can also provide warranties for complete installations – uniquely offering the client, one responsible supplier for the entire package.

Kapwell Ltd.

Our Quality & Safety Assurance.

All components utilised within our packages are engineered and manufactured by companies with recognised reputations for producing only the best quality parts, backed by equivalent (if not better) guarantees to those of the original manufacturer. Accredited with ISO 9001 – offering excellent material traceability records.

We would like to extend the opportunity to you to join the growing number of companies who are already enjoying the benefits of working with Kapwell.

Leading Offshore Equipment Company

Kpaal Ltd UK (Kapwell) was formed in 2011 by a group of Senior Engineers with over 40 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry specialise in drilling industry. The primary aim of the company is to supply engineering consultancy and develop drilling equipment systems that minimise manual intervention, delivering safety by design.

Investment is focused around managed pressure drilling, smart equipment designs, integrating technological developments with proven oilfield processes.

Kpaal is supported by a group of experienced partners, chosen from the global Oil and Gas supply chain. This allows the company to build products close to the market place they are selling to, whilst retaining product integrity. The company philosophy is to pitch tents rather than erect buildings, providing speed and ‑flexibility to react to industry changes as and when required.

Kapwell’s vision is to be one of the leading offshore equipment companies for MPD equipment supply, repair, replacement parts and field service. We offer our global customers lifecycle support that includes equipment commissioning, training, technical support, re-certification and repair services. With a total commitment towards service and on-time delivery, all contracts from major installations through to maintenance projects are tailor made packages designed and project managed to suit the individual client’s requirements.

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