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Technical Specification

Desander Hydrocyclone

  • Easy to use
  • Microns: 60–80 Separation
  • Variable size apex inserts, 1000 GPM per cone, 75 feet of head
  • Optimal performance requires fewer cones.
  • Plugging is minimised by using a high volume cone.
  • Reduced mud loss by using apex size per situation.
  • Cone with a large capacity and a low plugging rate.
  • Polyurethane with a high wear resistance.
  • Easy-to-maintain clamp design
  • A tiny footprint and compact design

Accreditation vs Certification

Product Overview

Our desanders are the most technologically advanced hydrocyclones available on the market, and they are designed to provide the best possible performance. Under the most demanding applications, each cone will process 1000 GPM at 70 feet of head. Our desanders are engineered to produce the least amount of turbulence while maximising tangential velocity.

Kapwell hydrocyclone desanders are designed to remove abrasive materials from drilling mud that cannot be removed by shakers or other conventional methods. Multiple desander units can be joined together to create units that can handle significantly bigger flows and solids handling capacities than they could alone.

When drilling, desanders are a set of hydrocyclones that filter out the sand and silt from the drilling fluids as they pass through them. It is common practise to put desanders on top of the mud tank, after the shale shaker and before the degasser, but before the desilter. The desander is responsible for removing abrasive materials from drilling fluids that cannot be removed by shakers. Ordinarily, the solids diameter for desander separation would be 45-74 microns.

Features & Benefits

  • ATEX Zone 1
  • Design to API RP 13C
  • Meets EU regulatory
  • Offshore environment design
  • Fits to smallest footprint
  • Reduce maintenance and service
  • CE Marking
  • Norsok Complaint
offshore Oil & Gas


Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Desander hydrocyclones are extensively used in the oil and gas industry as a part of the solids control system during drilling operations. They are used to remove sand, silt, and other solid particles from drilling mud or drilling fluid before it is recirculated back into the wellbore.

Water_Treatment_Industry HD

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Desander hydrocyclones are used in water and wastewater treatment processes to remove sand, grit, and other solid particles from raw water or wastewater. They are typically used as a part of the pre-treatment process to protect downstream equipments.

Factory over river at dusk in Brooklyn viewed from Roosevelt Island.

Environmental Remediation

Desander hydrocyclones are used in environmental remediation processes, such as groundwater or soil cleanup, to remove sand, sediment, and other solid particles from water or slurry. This helps to separate and remove contaminants from water or soil for effective environmental cleanup.

Cranes in a seaport

Construction and Dredging

Desander hydrocyclones are used in construction and dredging operations to remove sand, silt, and other solid particles from water during excavation or dredging activities. This helps to maintain water quality, prevent clogging of equipment.

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Agriculture and Irrigation

Desander hydrocyclones are used in agricultural and irrigation systems to remove sand, sediment, and other solid particles from water used for irrigation. This helps to prevent clogging of irrigation equipment, such as sprinklers and drip emitters, and ensure efficient water distribution and use in agricultural fields.

Process Industries

Industrial Processes

Desander hydrocyclones are used in various industrial processes where solid-liquid separation is required. They are used in applications such as chemical processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, food and beverage production, and other industrial processes.


From arctic conditions, desserts, remote locations to harsh offshore facilities and aggressive desert environments, Kapwell provides world-class products and services. For more information contact our sales representative.

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