Kapwell follows NORSOK standards to satisfy Norwegian statutory requirements (PSA, NCS) including Framework HSE, Facilities and Working Environment Regulations.

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The EC conformity process for various products is the tool of the European Union to ensure that only products which comply with the essential health and safety requirements are placed on the market and put into service within the European Economic Agreement (EEA) area. The visual symbol of this conformity is the CE marking on the product. The EEA area extends to include the continental shelves of Member States, but seagoing vessels and mobile offshore units are exempt.

The CE marking process has recently attained new attention due to various circumstances. On permanently located installations in the North Sea, where the EU Directives are applicable, so-called “silent deviations” will no longer be tolerated by the authorities. On seagoing drilling vessels and mobile offshore drilling vessels, the owners may claim conformity to EU Directives as contractual requirements, as this will ease the “Acknowledge of Compliance” (SUT) if entering European Continental Shelf waters to drill or execute well interventions.

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Kapwell comply with GOST-K & GOST-R standards and mandatory certification requirements. Kapwell supplied with RTN and technical passports and designed for survivability in – 40 degree C environments.
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