Kapwell: Empowering Companies to Become Zero Discharge Champions

In today’s environmentally conscious world, the concept of sustainability has become a driving force for businesses across industries. As the adverse impacts of pollution and waste continue to make headlines, companies are stepping up their efforts to minimize their environmental footprint. One remarkable organization leading the charge

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Kapwell Ltd: Empowering Flexibility in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic world, the concept of work has evolved significantly. Gone are the days of rigid schedules and traditional office spaces. With advancements in technology and changing workforce dynamics, flexibility in the workplace has become a crucial factor for both employees and employers. Kapwell

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Evaluation of Sand Separator Performance

Sand separators, also known as sand traps or sand filters, are devices that are utilised in the oil and gas sector to remove sand and other solid particles from produced fluids. The performance of a sand separator is critical to the overall operation of a well, as

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Selection of Materials of Construction For Hydrocyclone

A hydrocyclone is a piece of equipment that is used in a range of different industrial processes for the separation of particles based on the size, shape, and specific gravity of those particles. Because the material of construction for a hydrocyclone plays such an important part in

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Purge Procedure for Degassers and Mud Gas Separators

If the oil-based mud is allowed to remain inside the Separator vessel, hydrocarbon gases may begin to collect inside the Separator vessel, posing an explosive hazard. This would necessitate a second purge of the system. As a result, the internal spaces of the Separator vessel and associated

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Qualified supplier Oil and Gas sector

  Kapwell Ltd is delighted to announce that it has become fully registered as a supplier of the Achilles Oil & Gas Europe Community (formerly known separately as Achilles JQS and Achilles FPAL). Kapwell qualifies for certification with the Achilles UVDB, which opens procurement prospects within the

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Mud Gas Separator for Managed Pressure Drilling

Mud gas separators are designed in such a way that mud and gas are effectively separated from well return fluid. The mud gas flow rate into the MGS fluctuated during the operation of gas kick circulation. It may grow to such a size that the mud gas

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Maximum Mud Handling Capacity of MGS

When circulating an influx out, the mud return rate does not always equal the pump rate, indicating that the MGS has a limited liquid handling capability. As the influx nears the surface, the rate of mud return increases. The rate of increase is determined by factors such

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