Stringent materials requirements for the sour service for the Mud Gas Separator (Poorboy Degasser) means that potential sulfide stress cracking (SSC) may cause an MGS to leak or a catastrophic (shrapnel-type) failure. It is necessary to ensure that rigorous materials and corrosion engineering practices are followed. H2S Sour environments require materials classes DD, EE, FF, or HH, and these materials classes are used to specify materials to meet the requirements of NACE MR-0175 for the Mud Gas Separator. Kapwell takes great care in the design, materials selection, and quality control of equipment used in the sour service. The safety aspect is always a prime consideration. Kapwell do not use or recommend the following material when manufacturing MGS for Sour Service

  1. Low- and medium-alloy steels containing more than approximately 1 percent nickel.
  2. Free machining materials containing more than 0.08 percent sulfur.
  3. Cold-finished low- and medium-alloy steels, cold-finished stainless steel and cold-finished Monel K-500.
  4. Precipitation-hardened stainless steels.
  5. Bolts manufactured to ASTM A195 Grade B-7 specifications.

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