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Cyclonic Jetting

  •  Precision Cleaning
  •  Cyclonic Jet Technology
  •  Compact and Portable Design
  •  Corrosion Resistance
  •  Improved Safety
  •  Versatility Across Industries
  •  Surface Protection
  •  Efficient Water Usage
  •  Precision Nozzles
  • Cost-Effective
  • Customizable Solutions

Accreditation vs Certification

Product Overview

Kapwell offers years of experience in improving and advancing industrial equipment design to make them more reliable, with modern technologies that perform in all climates and are cost effective. Our equipment are UKCA / CE marked and ATEX certified, and complies with latest applicable ASME, API, DNV, and ABS standards.

Kapwell Cyclonic jetting Equipment specially designed to directs high-pressure water through specialized nozzles at precise angles. These jets create a cyclonic or vortex effect within the cleaning area, intensifying the force and impact on the targeted surface. The swirling action dislodges and removes stubborn deposits, ensuring a comprehensive clean.

Cyclonic jetting Equipment is employed in various industries for efficient cleaning and cutting tasks. By harnessing the force of a high-pressure water jet in a cyclonic motion, this Equipment proves to be effective for increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, cost-effectiveness, environmental benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • ATEX Zone 1
  • DNV or Bureau Veritas- Certification
  • Design to API & ASME
  • Meets PED/EU regulatory
  • Offshore environment design
  • Fits to smallest footprint
  • Reduce maintenance and service
  • Suitable for HP/HT applications
offshore Oil & Gas


Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Cyclonic Jetting are widely used in the oil and gas industry for offshore and onshore production facilities to remove sand, sediment, and other solid particles from wellhead fluids, crude oil, or natural gas. This helps to prevent damage to downstream equipment, such as pipelines, valves, and separators, reduce erosion in flowlines and prevent sand accumulation in storage tanks.

Downstraem Equipements

Downstream Equipment Protection

A cyclonic Jetting safeguards downstream equipment from the abrasive effects of sand and solids. These particles can cause erosion and clogging in pumps, valves, and pipelines, leading to reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs. By removing the solids at the wellhead, the cyclonic jetting prevents them from reaching and damaging the downstream equipment.


From arctic conditions, desserts, remote locations to harsh offshore facilities and aggressive desert environments, Kapwell provides world-class products and services. For more information contact our sales representative.

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